Legal Working Group - Scope of powers of corporate officers

The next get-together of  of our Legal Working Group will be on

Wednesday, 30 November 2022
11.00am – 12.00pm CET on Zoom.

Session Topic: The scope of the powers of the corporate officers  

As high-level managers, corporate officers are appointed by the Board of Directors and are given the mandate to run a company’s business operations.
Hence, finding the right persons to occupy the position of manager is a crucial issue for growing businesses, and the extent of powers that are granted to corporate officers needs to be clearly defined.

During this session of our Legal Working Group, members will have the opportunity to discuss the most common issues that come up when advising clients on the role of corporate officers and the scope of their powers. Participants are encouraged to actively share their experience and questions.

The topics discussed during the session will include:

  • What is the general scope of powers of corporate officers?
  • Are there specific conditions for the powers of a corporate officer?
  • Limitation of powers: Can the powers of the manager be limited internally?
  • And what happens when a manager acts beyond the limits of their powers or duties.
  • Opposability vis- à-vis third parties ?
  • What needs to be considered for the delegation of authority?
  • Are there any peculiarities regarding the role of corporate officers in your country?
  • Which specific questions or problems are commonly raised by your clients?

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