Audit & Accounting Group - When Tax Authorities Refuse to Work

We are pleased to invite you to the last meeting of the  Audit & Accounting Working Group in 2022: 

Tuesday, 22 November 2022
12.00pm - 12.30pm CET on Zoom

What to do if tax authorities refuse to work?
Hints and tips for other jurisdictions based on German and Austrian law.

About the session:

As advisors, all of us sometimes have difficulties with authorities who simply refuse to do what they should do.
In these cases, we have two options:

a)      applying all tools and applications that are offered by the jurisdiction (and accepting that the authorities may get angry and do nothing according to the motto: certainly not!)

b)     trying to get into contact with the authorities informally

During the session, we will elaborate on how to deal with such situations in Austria and in Germany, and provide tips that can be applied in other jurisdictions.
We also invite you to talk about experiences and possibilities on these matters in your country.

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